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Free Gnomon livestream – Anatomy Lab: Designing Creatures for film

Sat, Jul 25 2015 9:00 PM SAST — Sun, Jul 26 2015 1:00 AM SAST (Sat, jul 25 7PM – 11PM UTC)

Anatomy Lab


Gnomon Anatomy lab

Anatomy Lab: Designing Creatures for Film

Join Steve Lord and Ian Joyner at Gnomon on Saturday July 25th for an afternoon of enlightening creature anatomy tips and tricks. These two experts are uniting at the Gnomon Stage to offer the inspiration and instruction to those looking to add an extra level of realism to their creature concepts. Steve Lord will be focusing on perfecting animal anatomy, demonstrating how to add second- and third-level details. Ian Joyner will discuss creating concepts for films, walking you through the creation of a bird-like creature as he tackles the modeling of plumage. The event will offer four hours of practical advice and workflow solutions for you to apply to your own modeling practice. This is a fantastic opportunity for students, hobbyists and professionals alike to learn from two masters at the Gnomon campus in Hollywood, California.