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Starting 13 June 2016, FutureLearn  (owned by The Open University), and in association with the legendary Pinewood studios is offering a free online course on the business of film.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about film is art. As  romantic as that may be, sooner or later you as a filmmaker need to learn about, and embrace the business side of film.

“Explore the intriguing world of film production and find out about the complexities of development, distribution and finance.”

Making a film is a creative exploit, but just like any other business, the aim is also to make money.

The Business of Film has been created by The Open University, in association with Pinewood Studios – the leading provider of studio services to the global screen-based industries. The studios are where Star Wars: Episode VII – the Force Awakens and the 24th James Bond film Spectre were recently filmed.Using the value chain concept and important independent film case studies, the course provides a practical and in-depth exploration of the key business decisions.

Why do films fail? Why are intellectual property and copyright important? Why do films get public funding? What is the relationship between marketing, box office returns and overall film success?

As well as providing step-by-step guidance on the main processes, this course will also discuss these fascinating questions.

Join us to gain an understanding of the questions you should be asking and the relationships you need to build to ensure the smooth running of your production.

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